He Said – 4/16/10

So you have been seeing this girl for a couple of months and she decides it’s time for you to meet her parents. After an awkward meal you realize that Gaylord Focker has a better chance of being liked than you are. So what is a respectable guy like you to do?

There are several approaches to this situation. The first would be to find out more about her parents and take some interest in their hobbies; like inviting her dad to a round of golf or taking her mom on a wine tour. The other approach, which might not go over so well, would be to convince your significant other to decrease the amount of contact with her parents. You can avoid the awkwardness that is getting to know her folks when you don’t have to see them much.

Now, what if you decide to have her meet your parents and things don’t go well either? First, you have to decide just how serious the relationship is. If it’s worth fighting for, then two approaches may be taken. The first would be to find out why they dislike your girlfriend. Then you can relay this information and see if your partner is willing to make changes. Or your significant other can try to get to know your parents. Have her go on a fishing trip with your dad or go hiking with your mom.

Parent approval is not a necessity in a relationship, but it definitely can be a positive. If you or your partner is having issues with parents, the best course of action is to find out what the problems are and try to fix them. Showing her parents you are a good guy is always a great first step. If it’s the other way around and your parents are the ones filled with hate, then some sort of discussion needs to be made between you and your parents on why they do not like your significant other. In the end, things will work out with or without parent approval.

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