‘Titans’ thrills with imagery and action

Mythology is brought to life with "Clash of the Titans," directed by Louis Leterrier, a remake of the 1981 film.

The movie begins with a poor fisherman discovering a baby and his deceased mother inside a coffin at sea. The fisherman takes the baby, names him Perseus and raises him as his own, not knowing of the baby’s true past. Nevertheless, the man loves Perseus as if he were the fisherman’s own flesh and blood and he preaches a belief that the boy is destined for great things.

About 20 years after this discovery, the mortals have lost faith in their gods and declared war. The violence and ceased prayer leaves the gods weakened.

Perseus, played by Sam Worthington ("Avatar") learns that he is the son of Zeus, played by Liam Neeson ("Taken"), which makes him a demi-god. Angry with the violence, which costs the lives of his family, Perseus plans to seek revenge on the god Hades, played by Ralph Fiennes ("The Hurt Locker"). Not long after this he also learns he is destined to end this battle between the mortals and the gods, and find a way to defeat Hades’ destructive beast, the Kraken.

Leterrier did a fantastic job directing this movie. He not only captured the Greek mythologies effortlessly, but the whole era in which this movie took place. The film felt like it fit perfectly, instead of just being a creation of guesswork.

Neeson and Fiennes lived up to expectations and it almost seemed they were too good to play the roles they were assigned. It actually felt as if they were toning their skills down. Worthington was good, but nowhere near as captivating as his role in "Avatar." He didn’t seem to fit well with his character, especially in the beginning. It felt more forceful than fluid.
All-in-all the movie is spectacular. It has plenty of non-stop action, peppered with some comedy here and there and it even throws in some interesting creatures and beautiful graphic scenery. Defy the gods, go see this movie.

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