New club ventures into paranormal world

Spring is right around the corner, birds are singing and the snow is melting. It’s a great time to shake off the cabin fever and join other residents who are out in the evenings…investigating possible hauntings and aspects of the paranormal.

The Oswego Paranormal Research Society (T.O.P.R.S.) is an opportunity for anyone who has an interest in the emerging science of parapsychology to actively participate in research and investigating. Even if you have no experience, or equipment to do so, membership is free. They also have investigations and Ghost Walks to benefit the Oswego County and City of Oswego, N.Y., by far one of the most haunted small cities in New York.

Founded in October 2009, T.O.P.R.S. seeks to validate possibly haunted locations and make available to paranormal and historical researchers documented cases of paranormal activity throughout Oswego County and surrounding areas.

Several groups and individuals like the former and much beloved City Historian Rosemary Nesbitt have worked to document Oswego paranormal activity. Surprisingly, now that ghost hunting has become more mainstream, people are not afraid of being shunned for telling of strange occurrences.

Oswego is centrally located between Utica, Syracuse and Rochester, so it’s a great jumping off point for visitors who want to take full advantage of the locations to tour those sites as well. Fort Ontario is a well-liked site for investigators due to its close proximity to the city. Plus, it is easily within nine other documented haunted locations in the city area.

For more information on T.O.P.R.S. contact the Web site or call 342-3875.

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