Lori Moreth – 4/9/10

Media bias. Does it really exist? It depends who you ask. If you ask Obama, his administration, those on the left and democrats in congress, they would all undoubtedly say, "yes," and without hesitation name Fox News and conservative talk radio. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

A double standard exists in the media, which is evident in coverage of town hall meetings and the tea party movement. Anyone who voices opposition to any of Obama’s policies is quickly demonized by the press.

The tea party movement consists of independents, democrats, republicans and conservatives. They have come together in asserting their voice about the economy, unemployment, the expansion of government, and the takeover of the health care, banking and auto industries.

So, how are the tea party participants perceived by the mainstream media? Katie Couric proclaimed that the people showing up at the town hall meetings as promoting "fear and, frankly, ignorance." In an interview with Harry Smith, co-anchor of the "The Early Show," Obama accused Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh of spewing rhetoric that is "troublesome."

Many celebrities have come out to express their opinion on the tea party movement They call participants "Tea Baggers," a slang term for a deviant act. The left-leaning media doesn’t seem to have a problem reporting as if it is okay to call these "racists" tea baggers. The press makes sure that they discredit the movement in order to support Obama’s socialist agenda. They’ll do it any way they can.

Lachlan Markay has attended numerous anti-war protests as well as anti-Bush protests. There, he photographed literally thousands of signs and banners comparing President Bush to Hilter, republicans to Nazis, and Israel to Nazi Germany. The left had no problem with rhetoric that claimed Bush was responsible for 9/11. They had no problem with rhetoric claiming Bush was responsible for levies breaking in New Orleans. There was no main-stream media outrage when movies were shot and books written on how to assassinate President Bush. Every other day the press had a field day depicting how stupid they thought President Bush was. In the New York Times, there was a full page ad, entitled "General Betrayus." Media bias? Not at all.

Recently, at the parade of democrats who would be voting for the health care bill, led by Pelosi with her gavel, it had been reported that the tea party people had assembled to show their opposition to the monstrosity the Obama administration called health care reform. Several black members of congress reported being spit on as well as slurs from the crowd. Barney Frank accused the tea party participants of spewing anti-gay rhetoric directed at him. Funny thing is there had been no evidence that any of these so-called hate speech were caught on tape. There had been many on both sides of the political spectrum video-taping the procession.

However, at a tea party rally a black conservative was attacked by SEIU union members and it was caught on tape. No one in the mainstream media but Fox had reported it. Since the health care bill was passed there have been numerous reports in the media of vandals targeting democrats that voted for the bill, yet they failed to mention all the death threats that Eric Cantor received or any other republican. Recently, in Searchlight, NV, at a democratic rally for Senator Harry Reid, a bus load of private citizens were "egged" by Reid supporters, wearing t-shirts with Reid’s name and carrying signs vowing support for Reid. The bus driver filed a police report and has yet to hear from the Reid campaign or Harry himself.

So when the question is asked, is there a media double standard, the answer should be a resounding "Hell yeah!"

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