He Said – 4/9/10

Imagine this, for the past two hours at a party you and this girl have been hitting it off and she invites you over to her house. Things get crazy but only oral sex occurs, would you consider this as sex? Oral, anal and vaginal are all forms of sex. All of these actions are motivated by one thing: pleasure.

Sex to me is broken down into two different types, intercourse and sexual contact. I believe anal sex is indeed sexual intercourse, however oral sex is not a form of sexual intercourse and therefore should be considered a form of sexual contact. Each of these actions are done for sexual pleasure and are therefore similar in nature.

People seem to vary on their stance of what sex exactly is. I have noticed even people’s vocabulary is different. I assume when someone tells me they have hooked-up with someone then that means they have had some sort of sexual intercourse, but some people I know consider "hooking up" to be as simple as making out.

Why do people have such varied definitions of what sex is? I believe people do not want to categorize oral with sex because they still want to think they are an innocent person. Also, I think religion plays a part in whether a person considers oral as sex. A person who is religious is going to argue oral is not sex but someone is not religious might be more likely to believe that is sex.

By giving oral or having anal sex an individual is participating in some sort of sexual act. In my opinion any sort of sexual act is indeed sex so therefore these people are engaging in sex. Both oral and anal should definitely be considered some sort of sex in either the form of intercourse with the case of anal or sexual contact in the case of oral.

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