Current organizations facing crippled reserves

"Deep cuts, deeper repercussions," the front page of March 26 Oswegonian reads and boy, are they right.

The Student Association is in the midst of finally confronting budgetary mismanagement that happened long before the current administration even decided to attend Oswego State, let alone do the necessary work needed to uncover this unfortunate situation. Deep cuts will occur because they must. S.A. cannot and will not dip deeper into a crippled reserve fund in order to simply avoid the problem it is presented with.

However, "deeper repercussions" as this publication suggests, need not be the case. If there were ever a time for S.A. and the plethora of organizations that fall under its management to band together it would be now.

As a four year student of Oswego State, it is obvious to me that the reason why SUNY Oswego is one of the best colleges in the SUNY system is because of the tireless, dedicated, work and passion of our over 130 student organizations. Every single one of these organizations, whether it be media, sport, academic or special interest related, work hard in order to perform their essential niche for the Oswego State campus and community. It is these facts that make this campus so great and the budget process so difficult.

I ask that these organizations understand the dire situation presented to them. I understand that in these tight economic times no one wants to be the sole organization that gets treated unfairly and swindled out of funding. I can assure you that this will not happen. Please have patience with the budgetary process and understand that your organization is part of the team that makes this campus so great.

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