U.P. investigates car part, Onondaga Hall thefts

University police are investigating a number of electronics thefts that took place in Onondaga Hall Friday, March 12 immediately before spring break.

According to interviews and student accounts, individuals posing as recycling cart technicians made their way to several rooms to check if they were unlocked. Ultimately, thefts were made from two suites in the building.

The thefts totaled $2,260 and included a Visio flat screen television, a Panasonic Flat Screen television, a laptop computer and an Xbox 360 game.

It is believed that there was no apparent forced entry to any of the rooms.

EBay, Craigslist and Yahoo Options are being monitored and local pawnshops have been notified, Oswego State Assistant Police Chief John Rossi said.

"They are very good in working with law enforcement in reference to stolen property," Rossi said.

Meanwhile, seven vehicles parked in the Romney lot during overnight of March 12 – 13 were stripped of exhaust parts containing the valuable metal platinum, university police report.

Only cars manufactured by Toyota and General Motors were targeted.
The suspects used floor jacks and battery operated saws to remove the converters from the exhaust system.

Catalytic converters use platinum, along with other reactive metals, to accelerate the breakdown of harmful exhaust gas. They are required by law on all modern vehicles.

As of March 25, the price of platinum hovered around $1,600 per ounce.
It is believed that the thefts were made by individuals from outside the area. University Police and the New York State Police are collaborating on the investigation.

Students who witness anyone working on a car on or around campus should call University Police at 315-312-5555.

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