Lori Moreth – 3/26/10

I watched in horror as the monstrosity progressives call health care reform was passed. Immediately, the gloating began. The left, including Obama and his administration, are claiming a victory for the American people. The health care reform bill was opposed by a majority of Americans, as shown in polls that ranged from 56 as high as 77 percent of people opposed the proposed bill. The three stooges, Obama, Pelosi and Reid used coercion, bribery and corruption to pass this atrocity. If reform was such a great thing, they would not have had to resort to such tactics to get Democrats in their own party to vote for it.

Many who are in favor of this bill have no idea what they are in for. This isn’t deficit neutral and this cannot possibly reduce the national debt. Not only will each of us be stuck paying for this, but our children and grandchildren will be responsible as well. You have been sold into servitude.

Many bleeding-heart liberals feel that the reforms are admirable. They bought into the lies this administration is peddling. Obama campaigned for health care by parading individuals who had either died or were terminally ill and had no insurance. However, those individuals were fact-checked and found to have received free medical care.

Obama and his minions are now celebrating that everyone will have health insurance. However, the reason that everyone will have insurance is due to a mandate in the bill that states that one must purchase health care or be subject to penalties.

But don’t fear if you can’t afford it and are under 26. Your parents will be responsible for you on their health insurance policy. I’m sure their employers will be more than happy to pay a higher percentage of their share for the premiums. How long do you think a private business can last if they absorb higher premium costs?

That brings up the fact that the mandate is unconstitutional. Never has the government required individuals to purchase a product as a condition of citizenship. They cannot justify their mandate under the commerce clause because the right to regulate interstate commerce is not, conversely, the right to regulate non-commerce.

Pelosi, in her victory speech, said that this bill honors the "traditions of our country." Since when has socialism been a tradition of this country? What I want to know is why do we, the people who are opposed to this law, have to pay taxes? That is taxation without representation.

Not to mention that the only thing out of this bill that will take place immediately is the tax increases on everyone. The health care for the uninsured, those with pre-existing conditions, and children will not take place for four to 10 years from the date the bill was signed into law. This is just unfathomable to me. Would you pay for a car that you could not drive for 10 years?

Yes, health care reform is necessary but this bill is not about reform or health care. Clinton was impeached for perjury, yet how is it that this administration has yet to tell the truth? The day the bill was signed could be considered the day the Republic died.

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