In The Office – Youth has an expiration date

Fellow young adults, these are the best days of our lives. These are the days to be inspired by strangers, motivated by scholars and grounded by our familiars. This is our opportunity to forge the path that leads to the remainder of our short, yet encompassing lives.

These are the days for us to experiment with the unknown; for us to dance with foe and friend alike and for us to find solace with ideals long lost. Taste the fruits of what you were once too young to try, and remember that one day you will be too old to handle these bitter nectars.

These are the days for us to live free of the worries and commitments that restrain us and to construct the responsibilities that will define us. Rejoice, for what you must care about will become your purpose, even if it may have been imposed.

These are the days to live frugally and deny our desires; the restraint will teach us to enjoy the greatest pleasures, as petite and cheap as they truly are. Embrace your meticulous spending habits and remember it is never too early to start saving for retirement.

These are the days for playful youth to be overcome by spontaneity; an exercise that displays how controllable we really are. Fear not though, you have already been molded by several artists and will try your hand at this craft as well.

These are the days to spend with the friends that replaced family; strangers so quickly embraced and so defining of your newfound persona. Enjoy these long nights and inside jokes, for these memories will be your best connections as you move forward and remember that only family is forever.

These are the days to travel to exotic lands, desolate wilderness and through the unknown of your backyard. You may not have the funds to support these magnificent adventures but once you do, you may not have the time.

These are the days to discover achievement in the most obscure of fields. Build your niche, even if it requires you to subscribe to several publications. What makes you unique is what makes you different, and what makes you different makes it difficult to blend in.

These are the days to complain about petty nuisances; your bickering is a flavorful demonstration of your burden-free mind. Cherish this cynical lifestyle, for one day it will make you bitter.

These are the days to discover yourself through meditation, examination and commemoration. Your silent endeavor will bring out your identity loud and clear. The next chance you have to embark on this voyage may be an intervention.

These are the days to sanctify extra sleep, meaningless conversation and thoughtless entertainment. These glorious mechanisms help us survive the many hours of the day. Adore them now, for one day they will be a waste of time.

Fellow young adults, hold onto these moments with all of your might. Refuse to miss a beat and push yourselves into countless opportunities. Think ahead, but only as a planning device, and live for the here and now, for these are the best days of our lives.

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