He Said – 3/26/10

Imagine a world without peanut butter and jelly or the romance of Heidi Klum and Seal. Would this make believe land frighten you? I sure hope so, because this is a world where opposites do not attract and boredom reigns supreme.

How many times have you ventured to your local Wal-Mart only to see a short woman holding a tall man’s hand or a large woman with her, small husband in tow. Society is filled with constant reminders of the idea that opposites attract. How else can you explain a Democrat marrying a Republican or a sports nut dating a bookworm? The key to opposites attracting to each other is the fact that they can build a relationship off their differences; their similarities can only go so far before they are mundane.

Let me take you on a journey showing how boring our society would be if only similar people were attracted to each other. Great television programming such as Maury and Jerry Springer would not exist. No one would have any knowledge that the black and white cookie or sweet and sour chicken ever existed or even what ying and yang means. The names Tiger Woods, President Obama and The Rock would get crazy looks from people if one said them in public. The U.S. would not be so united and the "Rush Hour" movies would not be funny.

You can take a deep breath, it is scary to think no one would know who The Rock is, but luckily we live in a world where opposites attract.

Similarities in people’s personalities can only go so far, it is the differences that glue them together and keep the relationship interesting. Our society would be a very boring place without the attractiveness from opposing people. Thankfully, we do live in a society where people find love in their complete opposite. I mean, who in their right mind wants to exist in a society without Maury and half-moon cookies? I know I sure don’t.

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