Environmental damage affected by students

Signs of spring are beginning to lavish the Oswego campus. The snow has almost melted completely, and the bright sun brings positivity to the day. Although patches of grass appear, so does something else far less enticing. From empty water bottles to potato chip bags, there is garbage littered everywhere on campus. Not to point any fingers, but this could be because of sheer carelessness by many students.

College does mean work and partying, but it also means maturity and respect. This entails throwing away one’s trash in one of the many garbage or recycling cans all over the campus. Say that someone has taken the last sip of their morning coffee in a cup from one of the dining halls on their way to class. Would it be so difficult to simply toss the cup in a nearby garbage bin? If you haven’t seen one, then you need to take your eyes off your cell phone once in a while.

Another thing to consider is the wildlife around Oswego. Not a day passes when a flock of geese isn’t around, or a squirrel doesn’t scurry across the street. Plus, seagulls are notorious for eating anything they come across on the ground. The litter we leave behind is a buffet for these animals. However, they do not realize that in swallowing that plastic bag, they most likely meet an early grave. Sure there are millions of birds and squirrels, but do we ever hesitate to help a person who is choking?

So next time you’re walking to class, look on the ground and take notice. Count all the pieces of trash you find laying on the grass. It sounds weird, but you’d be surprised by how many- and what kinds of things you find. Though nature blesses us with warmer weather and sunshine, it is up to us to respect our Earth and keep it clean.

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