Lori Moreth – 3/5/10

The question is whether the government can implement bans, restrictions, regulations and mandates on its citizens without those actions violating the Constitution.

Some would argue that if the end justifies the means, as in protecting the public or the environment, then the government should intervene. This sounds all well and good; however, interpretation is needed to discern what necessitates a threat and to what extent are you willing to give up your individual freedom to prevent it.

Benjamin Franklin once stated, "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Americans are seeing the effects of this quote being played out by the Obama administration. With each new law, the government increases in size. The larger the government gets, the more dysfunctional it becomes.

The corruption is not limited to the federal level only. It exists at the state and local levels too. Those who hold positions of power would like you to believe that they have the best interest of the people at heart when they propose legislation that bans, restricts and regulates, but do you really think that New York State cared about your cholesterol level when it banned trans fats? Do you believe Michelle Obama is concerned about the obesity epidemic affecting our nation’s children when she uses tax dollars to run an advertisement campaign to make parents and children aware of a healthy diet, as she pushes to ban sugary beverages and candy from schools? Gov. David Paterson is helping Mrs. Obama by adding an additional tax on sugary beverages in New York. The Obama administration wants to ban fast food joints from poor neighbors in order to make poor children thin.

The Bush administration, wrapped up in the global warming scam, had enacted a law which bans incandescent light bulbs that is set to take effect this year. Why? Because it was a major contributor to global warming. It is now illegal to use regular light bulbs. Instead, we are to use those compact fluorescent bulbs. The ones that are swirly rather than fully round like a teardrop. These lightbulbs are not only extremely ugly but are filled with mercury, which is one thing you do not want spreading throughout your home. If one breaks at any time, you need to call in a hazmat team to decontaminate the area. Did you know that the Obama administration found evidence that the mercury in the bulbs was the same element that has been known to cause autism? Yet we now have to use them instead of regular light bulbs.

There are many such bans in the works just waiting for approval. Bans on manufacturing and distribution of tobacco products, which will raise the tax on a pack of cigarettes to twice the amount of the pack itself. Not to mention they are trying to ban all flavored cigarettes along with it. While the Obama administration is looking to ban tobacco, they are pushing for legalization of marijuana. You better hope that they don’t pass this one. Can you imagine all the jobs that will be lost when the government takes over the drug dealing organizations? We will need another stimulus package just to subsidize the loss in revenue from the corner drug dealers.

At Obama’s first Christmas in the White House, they banned religious ornaments in the Capitol; however, they did allow an ornament that had a picture of the fascist dictator Mao Zedong, who killed over 70 million of his own people. The ornament was proudly displayed on Obama’s tree in the White House for the entire world to see.

What you must understand is that the only people who matter are the rich, famous and politically connected. The lobbyists, special interest groups and lawyers are a few.

Remember no one is looking out for you. You need to be responsible for yourself and make sure you can handle what’s going on without relying on the government. As Obama has said, the hard times are still ahead. Be prepared for what’s to come.

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