He Said – 3/5/10

Well it was inevitable, after only a few months of dating she has decided to skip the vegetables and go straight for the donuts. Skin-hugging jeans are replaced with sweatpants, revealing shirts are now T-shirts and worst yet, you are subjected to her without makeup. So what is a guy to do?

There are many factors to consider before making the decision to boot or deal with this second coming of your partner. One factor to mull over is how long have you been in this relationship. If it’s been going strong then a nice conversation detailing your concern on their newfound lifestyle is appropriate. If this is just the beginning then give it up and find someone who is not willing to look like a shell of their former self.

Problems in the relationship are another important variable. Is the sex bad? Are they extremely jealous? Or do you find yourself in small battles on a regular basis? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you have permission to kick them out of your life.

This unfortunate situation would not even be a problem had you followed some simple yet effective tips. Purchasing clothing you feel more appropriate for them to wear is always a nice gesture and it will get you much needed brownie points. Taking them out in public is always another option to boost their appearance. When it comes to getting them to stay in shape, eating right and being active are a must. You can not directly mention she needs to eat healthy or be active because she will think you believe she is fat. Trust me, you never want to go down that road unless you enjoy being beaten or even worse, damaging her self-esteem. A damaged self-esteem results in ice cream consumption, reduced sex life and even more comfort clothes.

There are roughly 150 million women in this country and of that a few million are probably considered a catch. Chances are, you will eventually find that catch and live a happy life. Do not settle for someone with a wardrobe consisting of only sweatpants and T-shirts, unless that is your thing.

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