Lori Moreth – 2/19/2010

The campaign is over and Obama has been president for over a year. Yet the vicious attacks on Sarah Palin continue. The attacks aren’t limited to the media; Obama and his administration take cheap shots as well. What is it that makes her a target? The answer is simple: fear and jealousy. They know that if it was 2012, Obama wouldn’t stand a chance. The media, along with highly talented marketing and public relations firms, were responsible for Obama’s image as an intelligent, articulate and charismatic candidate. But he is not what they made him out to be. I don’t know how many times during the campaign Palin was accused of being inexperienced, ignorant on foreign issues and lacking any semblance of class. Let’s compare the two.

On experience, Palin was major before becoming the first woman governor of Alaska, the largest state which has two foreign countries on its borders. Obama was a junior senator who served approximately 144 days, in which he voted present over 100 times. Prior to his short senate career he was a community organizer with ACORN. Palin wins in the intelligence department as well. During a campaign speech, Obama stated, "I’ve been in 57 states. I think one left to go." This from a Harvard Law graduate.

On Memorial Day, Obama gave a speech in which he states, "On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes, and I see many of them in the audience here today." Either he has no clue what Memorial Day stands for or he sees dead people. Foreign issues: Palin wins again. Obama spoke at a news conference in Strasbourg, France and said, "I don’t know what the term is in Austrian — wheeling and dealing." Apparently he isn’t aware that there is no such language.

As far as class, all one needs to do is look at pictures of Obama in the White House with his feet up on the Resolute Desk. I’m sure Palin would respect property that has historical significance. The most recent attack on Palin was the few words used to help with her speech. It was all over the Internet, in the mainstream media and on television talk shows. The Obama administration, in a news conference, made fun of Palin. Obama’s press secretary mimicked Palin by writing on his hand. That’s not very becoming of a presidential administration.

Obama is considered to be an articulate speaker; however, this is simply untrue. He is a very good reader. He cannot speak without a teleprompter. For every speech he gives, Obama has teleprompters. On several occasions, the teleprompter messed up and he couldn’t speak until it was fixed.

Why is it that Palin gets crucified? Obama is incapable of delivering a speech on his own. Does he use his teleprompter for pillow talk with his wife? Does he bring it with him when he gives a fatherly talk to his kids?

If this were 2012, there is little doubt that Palin could beat Obama in any debate that prohibited teleprompters. Palin is the real thing and the left can’t handle it.

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