He Said 2/19/2010

There are very few moments in your life when an unmeasurable amount of happiness takes control of your body. Examples include; hitting the lottery, your favorite team winning the title and, in this case, your significant other confessing their bi-curious. Start up the car, fill up the gas tank and go to Vegas because you have found yourself a winner.

The next step after gaining control of yourself is feeling out how far your partner is willing to experiment. Fooling around or going all the way, these are topics that need to be figured out before the next step can take place. It is every guys dream to involve themselves in a threesome and I know that thought might be racing through your mind. But pump the breaks and take baby steps, or you’ll risk scaring her away from this newfound curiosity.

The next step is planning the unforgettable experience. This is important because, as said before, you do not want to scare off your partner and their bi-curiosity. This is where figuring out how far your partner is willing to go comes into play. Placing ads on Craigslist is going too far at this point. You need to see what type of girls they are interested in and what type of setting is appropriate. Setting up the date is next on the agenda. Finally, you are ready for the final step.

This is by far the best step, the actual experimentation. After you have spent hours, and actually take time planning because you do not want to squander this opportunity, it is time to actually experience your partner fulfilling their curiosity. Enjoy this moment and all your hard work, because depending on how well you set up this experience, you might have the opportunity for the almighty, dare I say it, ménage à trois. And this will be a moment to remember.

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