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Let’s set the record straight: Daniel Tosh was, in fact, born in Germany. However, no matter what his high school’s fan-edited Wikipedia page tells you, he does not return there from time to time to receive hormone treatments so that he can get a sex change to compete in female athletics.

This is what happens when you broadcast instructions on your show to go crazy on your Wikipedia page.

"That whole Wikipedia thing has backfired and also made my parents a little upset," Tosh said. "Yes, I was born in Germany. No, I don’t remember it. I left when I was 2 years old, back to the States. My parents were just over there having sex, apparently."

Tosh’s show, "Tosh.0" has just been renewed for its second season. Last season, it averaged 1.3 million total viewers and consistently ranked in the top three on cable in its timeslot with males 18-24.

Tosh cut his teeth on the stand-up circuit before Comedy Central gave "Tosh.0" the go-ahead. "I was doing stand-up since I was a sophomore in college, and I got into it because it seemed like something that I just wanted to give a shot and see if I enjoyed it, and didn’t take it very seriously and for that matter, I still don’t."

"I wasn’t doing stand-up to do television, and I’m not doing television to not do stand-up. Those were always two very separate things for me." he said. "But I always tried to sell show ideas, and this was one that Comedy Central actually green-lit and put on the air."

Quite possibly, the show’s most popular segment is "Web Redemption," in which someone who has been thoroughly embarrassed by a viral video ("Afro Ninja," "Leave Britney Alone," "Crying Giants Fan") has a second shot on Tosh’s show to redeem themselves once and for all, whether Tosh approves of it or not.

"The worst [Web redemption] was probably the girl who went down the hill skateboarding," Tosh recalled. "I wanted to put her on top of a mountain on a skateboard and just send her, and whatever happened, happened. We basically just had her rolling down a sidewalk at one mile an hour. It enraged me."

"You have to take ‘Afro Ninja,’ the guy who did the backflip by himself, as the favorite because we shot that one before this was ever a TV show," Tosh said. "It was just an idea and concept of somebody who messed up on the Internet and giving them a chance to redeem themselves and it kind of felt heartfelt and that was kind of what we originally had in mind…that one also led to me getting the TV show."

Tosh has always associated with Comedy Central, who has produced and distributed his stand-up CDs and televised comedy specials.

"As far as Comedy Central goes; once you’re in stand-up, there’s only one comedy television channel and they put me on television for the first time just doing one of those ‘Premium Blend’ shows, and I did five minutes of stand-up on that," Tosh said. "From there it led to a half-hour special, then they produced my CD, then they produced my hour, and then my DVD, and then my TV show. There’s not too many homes for stand-up comics, unless you’re Kathy Griffin, then you go on Bravo."

The new season of "Tosh.0" debuted on Jan. 13, and airs Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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