Shortie Says – 2/12/10

Dear Shortie,
Recently I have had a lot of itching in my pubic area and I have noticed some red spots in my underwear. The itching is very frequent and it looks like I have small crab-like parasites around my genitals. I don’t know what to do, please help me!
-Itching to Know

Dear Itching to Know,
Sorry to hear about that itch. It sounds to me that, unfortunately, you have crabs. Crabs or lice eggs are small, gray, teardrop- shaped eggs that fasten themselves onto each individual hair. The crabs actually look like mini- crabs, and cause intense itching. Luckily, most symptoms of crabs can be treated with over the counter lotion treatments such as RID. I would also suggest washing your clothes, bed sheets, etc. in hot water to help stop the spread of pubic lice.

Dear Shortie,
Can you get an infection from masturbating?
-Spirit fingers

Dear Spirit fingers,
Yes. Throughout the day, your hands pick up a lot of bacteria from touching stuff. When you masturbate, you can spread it to your vagina and get a bacterial or urinary tract infection. Both are curable with medication, but they can be really painful and/or itchy while you have them. So always be sure your hands are clean before you touch your genitals.

Dear Shortie,
I am having a problem with sweaty feet. I wash my feet multiple times a day, but they are still stinky. Please help!
-Stinky Sneaks

Dear Stinky Sneaks,
Perspiration does have an odor, but should not cause such smelly problems for you. Often times odor is caused by bacteria in your skin or your clothing (or in your sneakers). Try washing your feet with antibacterial soap and powdering your feet with cornstarch before you put on your socks and shoes to keep your feet dry. Moisture provides a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. You could also try soaking your feet in Epsom salts or vinegar once a day. Some other tips to consider, wearing cotton socks, change the pads in the bottom of your shoes, and if the problem is completely unbearable, purchase a new pair of shoes. If the problem remains, make an appointment to visit your physician.

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