Lori Moreth

The much anticipated State of the Union address was given by President Obama last week. I figured I would watch it, thinking it would be a short speech. After all, he didn’t fulfill one single campaign promise. I should have known, however, that this narcissistic president could not possibly give a short speech. Unfortunately, it lasted 71 minutes. It was filled with the same lies, half-truths and the same tired campaign rhetoric he has been spewing for two years now.

What I want to know is how this president can get away with the arrogance he continues to exhibit. This is a president who has failed at everything he does and yet continues to spin it so he does not take the blame. He must think the American people are ignorant. We don’t want "Obama care," but he insists that we do. We don’t want cap and trade. Climate change has been exposed to be fraudulent. It is not a priority with the American people, yet he insists on passing the cap and trade legislation that will surely bankrupt many middle-class families.

What gets me is that the people are speaking up, yet he refuses to listen to any of us. The only ignorance is on his part. Blue states are turning red with a large amount of voters turning out for off-year elections. He clearly states in this speech that if Congress doesn’t get his agenda passed, then he will. He knows what is best for the American people even if we are too stupid to realize it. The most arrogant statement he said that ticked me off the most was that he will end the war. Pulling the troops out at a given date is not ending the war; victory or surrender will end it. So what will it be?

I had never wanted to shoot my T.V. as much as I did when I heard him state, "The threat of nuclear weapons. I’ve embraced the vision of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan through a strategy that reverses the spread of these weapons and seeks a world without them." I bet both Kennedy and Reagan rolled over in their graves. He has no concept on what JFK or Reagan did to protect this country. JFK was the only democratic president in history to have a fully equipped military in peace times and Reagan built up our military, stockpiled nukes and threatened our enemies with his "Star Wars" nuke-from-above strategy. Obama wants to get rid of all our nukes as a gesture of good faith. Do you really believe Obama has the power or influence to have Russia give up its weapons? He will get us nuked.

Does he not read the speeches ahead of time? He states, "We were sent here to serve our citizens, not our ambitions." However, he will not acknowledge the majority of the American public who are showing up at town hall meetings and tea party events to voice their opposition to his socialist agenda. Not to mention the polls that show we are a center right country. When he said, "let’s try common sense, a novel concept," something he knows nothing about, he showed both his arrogance, contention and overall contempt for the American people. Nothing in his speech or any other speech he has ever given expressed common sense. Common sense is the only solution, something this president surely lacks.

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