She Said – 12/4/09

Interracial relationships can be tricky, to say the least. Some may argue that interracial relationships don’t work because one person cannot understand the partner’s culture. Others are too afraid of the reactions of their peers, including their family and friends. No matter what the reason may be, interracial relationships take a lot of hard work because even though some may try to deny it, there are more differences and obstacles that need to be overcome.

When people think of an interracial relationship, they often think of a black and white couple, there are many interracial couples formed by people who are neither of the aforementioned races. They can be Native American, Mexican, Spanish, Asian, or any other kind of race.

Honestly, I feel like it doesn’t matter who you’re in a relationship with. Maybe I feel differently about that than people with strong cultural backgrounds because I’m not a person who comes from a particular culture. I come from many nationalities and I primarily consider myself to be part of the "American Culture." I could understand, however, someonewith a culture that doesn’t fit the "American normative"wanting to be with someone from their same culture, someone who could understand where you’re coming from. If you like someone though, then it shouldn’t matter.

In the end, interracial relationships shouldn’t be any more difficult than relationships within the same race. Once people realize this, then the bias will be broken and there will be less tension to try to make the relationship successful.

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