He Said – 11/20/09

We all have them: the person you thought was so great when you met her. Then you start dating and you couldn’t be happier. But somewhere along the road, you drift apart and decide to go down different paths. In case you’re still wondering, I’m talking about some wonderful person who started out as your girlfriend, and then, turned into your ex-girlfriend.

Once you and a significant other decide to break up, then there is going to be the issue looming overhead about whether or not you want to keep in contact and attempt to remain "just friends." Most of the time, people don’t really want to talk to their ex, and for good reasons.

The times when you have good reason to not talk to your ex is whenever they’ve done you wrong or you did them wrong. For example, if you were cheated on by the person you thought was special, then there is absolutely no reason for you to keep in contact with the person.

They became your ex for a legimtimate reason. They betrayed your trust and don’t deserve your company. Nobody can blame you if you decide to break contact. If you didn’t have a mutual, friendly break up, then there is no reason for you to maintain a platonic friendship.

The only other reason you couldn’t be friends is if someone in the relationship lied to the other person. If you are willing to take the liar back into your life, you’re just asking for trouble. Also, that person is not going to have any respect for you since they know they can get away with lying to you. Then you’ll always be left wondering whether or not they are telling the truth.

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