Abortion remains legal to support women’s choice

It’s been my experience that if you don’t discuss sensitive topics then people will be less likely to think about them. Thought is the first step toward progress. What progress am I trying to make today? Progress on the fact that abortion should not be challenged and made illegal.

I understand that abortion is immoral, but show me one politician that has retained his or her moral values. I also understand that pro-life supporters feel that abortion is murder. Well, so is the death penalty folks. The other argument is that abortion is against the will of God. But isn’t everyone always screaming about the fact that state and church are two separate entities?

That sounds like a contradiction to me. Another very popular argument is that having abortions stay legal will make it easier for women to have unprotected sex and abort hundreds, maybe thousands, of unborn children. That train of thought hasn’t stopped anyone from giving out free condoms.

But when we think about it, the law is not what keeps a woman up at night contemplating something as serious as abortion. She’s kept up by the shame and emotional scarring that will ensue if she aborts. She’s left to toss and turn at the thought of what her life will be like if she has a child that she isn’t ready for, not whether the law will permit this or not. In some of the worst cases, a pregnant woman’s biggest worries are how she will finish high school with a child and what her parents will do when they find out.

In short, this is a message to judgmental pro-lifers. Making abortion illegal is taking away a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body. The government has no rule over an individual. Nor should they be allowed to even consider such an unfair power.

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