He Said – 11/13/09

The top ten things that a guy looks for in a girl are simple. We all know what the first one is, her physical features. If you’re not attracted to her physically, then you can’t really have any other type of attraction. Some of the main focal points for me are the girl’s eyes, smile and lips. Of course, her body comes into play because nobody wants somebody with a sloppy body.

Most men want a strong, determined woman who isn’t afraid to speak. I can’t stand girls that are just there hugging onto your arm like they don’t have the ability to speak. Or if they have to be told to answer a simple question.

I need someone who can keep up with me. I’m not the stay-home type a lot and she has to be able to just handle my antics. Though I do like to be active, I also need someone who is there when I get back to my room to sit and watch television with.

Though we do want to sit and watch television with you, I don’t want a smelly girl sitting with me. We like girls that are clean and know how to wash themselves right. That means brushing the pearly whites as well.

One of the most important qualities is that her personality not be too above and beyond but that she not be so timid that she doesn’t talk at all. Men also want a girl that has some type of ambition. Something that you want to strive for yourself is necessary.

Being cooperative and giving space go hand-in-hand with women. We, as men, don’t want a girl to be so overbearing that we feel like we can’t breathe. You need to find a medium that you can use so that no one feels like they are being clustered or underappreciated.

Lastly, and the most important in my opinion, is the x-factor. Every girl has a different x-factor and that’s what keeps certain relationships running for as long as they do. Any girl can have all of the qualities I just mentioned and you wouldn’t think any more of her than the next girl. We look for something that makes you irresistible and makes us have a need to want you.

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