Fuel up with city’s newest pizza place

Ask any true connoisseur of pizza and they’ll tell you that great pizza is hard to come by. While there is a plethora of pizzerias in Oswego, few offer that great pizza you’d swear was baked fresh in the old country.

Fuel Pizza, on West Bridge St. doesn’t offer world-class pizza, but makes a valiant effort. David Wahrendorf Jr., an Oswego State graduate, owns Fuel.

The prices are very reasonable. A large 19-inch pie and 10 wings only costs $15 and that includes a hefty tip for the pizza man. Delivery is speedy, taking only 30 minutes. They have the usual variety of options when ordering pizza and the staff is very friendly.

The pizza is delivered steaming hot. The crust is baked crisp and there is a mountain of cheese on top. Unfortunately, the pizza turns into a limp noodle as soon as a slice is picked up. One must eat quickly or balance the slice carefully to keep everything from sliding off. Once the pizza cools, it is a little easier to pick up a slice.

The taste is surprisingly good. There is a good crunch to the pizza and the sauce has some kick. There is a hint of meat, possibly sausage, in the sauce. The dough and the cheese are nothing to write home about, but the sauce that Fuel uses makes their pizza.

The wings come in many different flavors and are very tasty. They have just enough flavor to be enjoyable, but not so much that they’ll have you running for water. Each wing is massive and comes with a lot of meat. The wings that Fuel offers are much larger than at other pizza places and the price is a huge selling point. With the cost of raw wings on the rise, Fuel does a good job of not passing that expense on to the customer.

The bottom line is that Fuel Pizza offers quality pizza at very good prices. While the sauce, the friendly staff and the great wings all make it a good choice for college students; if you’re looking for true Italian style pizza, then you’ll probably have to go there.

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