What’s in Oswego?

There are many eateries in Oswego, but few qualify as "trendy." Port City Café, situated on 209 W. First St., is locally owned and is a hidden gem that captures the essence big city living in a small town like Oswego.

The location, next to the Canal Commons, is perfect and parking isn’t a problem. The coffee house style establishment is spacious and clean.

The modern abstract art that adorns the walls compliments the urban feel. Patrons are greeted by a friendly staff that has time to chat with each customer. Some of the employees have even been with Port City since it opened thirteen years ago.

The menu is packed with everything from soups and salads to sandwiches and wraps. Everything that Port City sells is made fresh, including the dizzying assortment of baked goods that are made on site daily. Even if you aren’t a coffee drinker, the smell of the beans is enough to make you start.

There is nothing bad on the menu, but the paninis are definitely their specialty with 10 different options. At $5.79, the Roast Beast is a mouth-watering heap of meat, bacon, cheddar cheese and a specialty sauce. The fresh crunch of the bread will have you ordering it again on your next visit.

The Raging Cajun costs the same as the Roast Beast and is well put together. The spice is manageable for the less adventurous, but still packs enough punch for others. The red roasted peppers and the sauce turn it away from the typical fast food meal.

For $5.99 you can also get a hot BBQ chicken sandwich with red onions and provolone cheese toped with lettuce. Dessert can consist of any of dozens of baked goods or even gelato.

The one big downside to Port City is that the price is steeper than the typical food joint, but this eatery is not the typical food joint. The extra pocket change pays off in the taste department; the food will have your mouth begging you for more of the taste-packed food. Even with the prices, it is still possible to get a large-sized sandwich, a side and a drink for under $10.

Port City Café is nice enough to take your parents or significant other, but also casual enough to grab a bite with friends. The one wrench in the works at Port City is that even through it is an excellent place to eat, most college students aren’t familiar with it.

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