Shortie Says – 11/06/09

Dear Shortie,
Do flavored condoms give women yeast infections if they’re used during intercourse? Please help!
-Fungus Amungus

Dear Fungus Amungus,
Flavored condoms are coated with lubrication that contains sugar, corn syrup, or other fructoses. These lubrications can alter the vagina’s pH, which can cause a yeast or bacterial infection. Flavored condoms are only recommended for oral sex on a man and should not be used for vaginal intercourse, anal sex, or oral sex on a woman.

Dear Shortie,
If my partner constantly yells at me and downplays me, am I in an abusive relationship?
-Feeling Bad

Dear Feeling Bad,
Anything from name calling to manipulation is considered emotional abuse. This form of abuse can be very devastating. Often, the abuser will use derogatory names, withhold money, or use other forms of destructive behavior to gain power. Emotional abuse is similar to brainwashing techniques and can destroy self-esteem.

Many resources exist for victims of abuse. The Counseling Center in Mary Walker Health Center is a safe place for someone to talk. Services to Aid Families is a local resource; their number is (315)342-1600 or x7777 from campus. Another is the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Their number is 1−800−799−SAFE. They provide anonymous support 24/7.

Dear Shortie,
What should I do if I get H1N1?
-Flu Guy

Dear Flu Guy,
The symptoms of swine flu are fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, headache, chills, fatigue diarrhea and vomiting. Not everyone with the flu will have a fever. A person with H1N1 should stay home. If a person lives on campus, they may stay isolated in their room or go home to recover. As a precaution, students may choose a "flu buddy," someone that will help care for them while ill.

If a student with flu-like symptoms decides to go to the Health Center, they will be asked to wear a surgical mask to keep the flu from spreading. Ill people should stay home to avoid getting others sick.

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