Pelosi betrays first amendment with Fox bill

The White House is at war with Fox News apparently. Of course, the fact that President Obama has called out that pathetic excuse for a network made me very happy. Of course, the right-wingers have attacked the White House for wanting to censor Fox News. They compared Obama to Chairman Mao, the first leader of the Communist regime in China. But of course, this isn’t censorship. The White House said that Fox "wasn’t a real news organization." Criticizing something isn’t the same as censoring it.

For example, I hate the "Twilight" books more than anything. Stephanie Meyer can’t write to save her life. Does that mean I want to start a bonfire of "Twilight" books? Of course not. Book burning is the most evil practice in existence. So when Nancy Pelosi says she wants to pass legislation that would ban Fox News from covering Congress, I have to vehemently disagree.

Obviously, banning Fox News would be a violation of the First Amendment, unless it was proven that it represented a "clear and present danger." But let’s pretend the legislation passes. It would create a slippery slope that would allow anyone to outlaw any media organization that showed just the smallest amount of bias. Besides, the problem with Fox News isn’t with its opinions; it’s the fact that its reporters don’t show a trace of objectivity.

Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are the television equivalent of op-ed columnists. They’re all morons, but they have the right to their opinions because they’re not reporters. If you say that they can’t have their shows, then you would have to get rid of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC as well.

Opinion is a necessary part of the news industry. If it wasn’t, I’d probably be writing all of this on an online blog that would only be read by my mom. It’s the fact that all of Fox’s reporters have to spin news stories and offer their opinions on them that’s the violation of journalistic ethics. Just watch any of their daytime news cycles and you’ll see reporters adding stupid comments to everything that hits the teleprompter.

This would just add to the pattern of outlawing things when they could just not acknowledge them. If you don’t like Fox News, don’t watch it. Nobody’s making you, so just change the channel if you don’t like it. People should use their own free will instead of forcing their will on others. There are plenty of news outlets that are free of any bias controversy like…well…okay, nobody’s perfect. But that’s besides the point.

There are always going to be idiots like Fixed Noise. We just have to put up with them. Most intelligent people realize that Fox News is laughable anyway. The fact that they even exist and that we can freely ridicule them is proof of how important the First Amendment really is, and that violating it would be the real crime.

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