Late night vandalism leaves Onondaga Hall waterlogged

An unexpected incident occurred in Onondaga Hall on Halloween night when a late-night vandal ripped a water fountain out of a wall, leaving the ninth floor flooded.

University Police were notified of the incident around 1 a.m. Nov 1, U.P. Lt. Mike Taylor said. "The water fountain on the north end of the floor was pulled away from the wall causing a pipe to break and flood the entire floor."

Residents tried to stand the fountain up, but water was still flowing out due to the broken pipe. U.P. is still investigating the incident and trying to figure out who did it, but as of now no suspects have been found.

"We have been talking to different residents on the other floors but no one seems to know anything about what and how it occurred," Taylor said.

Four different suites on the floor were affected by the flood, which caused minor damages to their belongings.

"I really feel bad about the situation and for the 24 students who were affected and wish that we can find out who did it and why," Onondaga Hall Director Casey Weaver said. "There were no major damages but one of the suites did report an iPod and computer charger damaged by the water."

The water fountains in the wall are all linked together, which caused the water to leak on the eighth floor.

"It took maintenance about two hours to reach us but we found a drain in the meantime to consume most of the water out of the floor," Weaver said. "There was no major flooding on the floor below other than the carpet getting wet, I’m just glad there were no major damages."

Many students were clueless about what had occurred because it happened so late, mostly those who were not effected by it.

"I didn’t even know there were water fountains on the ninth floor," seventh floor Onondaga resident Gabrielle Montenegro said. "I would have been pretty upset if it happened on my floor due to the fact that my suite is right near a water fountain."

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