He Said – 11/06/09

An inbox full of messages is never a good idea around grabby hands. This pertains to when you are in a relationship and your significant other goes through your text messages and reads them without asking for your permission first. Sometimes they don’t even ask for your permission at all, or they try to hide it. The situation becomes even more complicated when they get caught.

If I were to catch someone that I was in a relationship with going through my texts, all my trust would go straight out the window. If you’re willing to go through my texts to keep tabs on me or make some type of effort to protect me, I don’t think I want to trust you anymore. Going through my texts will probably lead to you going through my other personal belongings and a long laundry list of violating my personal space. This is incredibly unhealthy for a relationship. I mean, do you really want to be in a relationship with someone when you are always wondering what you have to lock away so they don’t snoop?

The questions I have are: why are you going through my texts? And why don’t you trust me? Is it because you’re doing something wrong and you want to catch me before I catch you? Do you just have a big, guilty conscious about who you were messing around with behind my back?

If I ever caught my significant other checking my texts I would end the relationship right there because of untrustworthy actions as of that moment. If you can’t trust me on just a miniscule instinct then I definitely can’t be with you because of your definite deception.

Though there are signs of when a person has something going on behind your back, you are never entitled to snoop through their private possessions. If there is a sign that they don’t trust you, then you and your partner need to sit and have a conversation on your own to discuss your issues. Sneaking around isn’t going to solve anything.

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