Where is Obama’s immediacy when it comes to more troops?

For years, we put up with those on the left protesting the War on Terror. Code Pink was all over the news as well as the daily death counts of those who were fighting overseas. Bush and Cheney were war mongerers and deserved to be impeached. Along comes Obama, who strongly states that the war in Iraq was wrong and it is Afghanistan where we need to be. We will go in and take al-Qaida was his campaign rally. Afghanistan was the right war.

Well Mr. President, where are you now? On the golf course, playing basketball, traveling to promote his Marxist agenda, health care and democratic candidates. He is spending more time partying and appearing on television than he is doing his job as president.

General McCrystal, who Obama handpicked, has been calling for more troops. All Obama can say is he will think about it. The stimulus plan had to be made immediately, the health care bill needs to be passed immediately, the socialization of the private sector needs to be done immediately, yet Obama needs time to contemplate whether or not to help our troops who he sent to fight his war. Everyday, we are losing our family and friends who are fighting Obama’s war.

In a speech to servicemen and women at the Jacksonville Naval Base, Obama stated, "I won’t risk your lives unless it is absolutely necessary." What would you call Obama’s actions? He has put restrictions on our military, in that they are not to engage to kill.

Obama has given the enemy Constitutional rights in that prisoners will be tried. He has denied the troops reinforcements and resources. The taxpayer funding for our military, that was set aside for training and supplies, has been used for democrats’ domestic pet projects. He has left our military lacking what they need to fight. Obama’s actions are not in our country or our troop’s best interests.

He has allocated taxpayer money to go to our enemies, Muslims, in the form of "The Global Technology and Innovation Fund." The White House, in a statement, expressed "the fund will catalyze and facilitate private sector investments throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Africa." The statement went on to say "funds would be used for eligible projects to advance economic opportunity and create jobs." This is absurd. With unemployment rising over 10 percent and our deficit in the trillions, Obama is funding our enemies to possibly assist them in destroying us. Why bother, he is doing it himself with his domestic policies.

On Oct. 27, eight American troops were killed in multiple bombings while several troops were wounded and evacuated to nearby medical facilities. The death toll of 55 troops in October 2009, has made this the deadliest month since 2001. Remember that these are whole troops, not individuals. Obama would rather wage war on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the Chamber of Commerce instead of fighting a real war.

Obama needs to stand up and start acting like the Commander in Chief, stop blaming Bush for everything and fight this war to victory. He has said in the past that he doesn’t like the word ‘victory’ because it reminds him of imperialism. He wants to fight the war by giving speeches, and making friends with our enemies while they find ways to destroy us. He is only empowering our enemies as he appears to be weak. At one time we were feared, now they laugh. Obama needs to let the military do their job. Send reinforcements to kill our enemy, take no prisoners and show no mercy. It worked in WWII. Japan is now doing better than we are and is our ally. If Obama doesn’t want to fight to win then he needs to bring our troops home.

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