He Said – 10/30/09

The interaction of guys and girls in college goes from three different levels: hooking up, seeing each other and dating. Sometimes people can’t see which one they fit into and other times they just want to be left in their dreamland of bliss where they are in a perfect situation with that significant other. Let’s get it straight though, some are just booty calls while others are your winter cuddle buddy. Then there are others who are content with not having a partner because, "This is college man. I’m too young to be tied down in a relationship."

Well now if you’re with someone and all you do is hang out in their room and have sex, then you’re just their hook-up plain and simple. That’s all they’re ever going to see you as, and don’t think that saying you’re going to leave is going to affect them. Chances are they have multiple hook-ups, so you’re one of a handful. Hey, someone has to be the hook-up, just hope it isn’t you.

If you’re seeing someone then you’re not technically going out with the person, but you are known to be messing around with each other mainly. You could talk to other people because you don’t belong to each other, but you always have that person as your main partner.

Finally, the big step is dating someone exclusively. A lot of college students fear the word dating. Why? Because to them it’s the same as saying "I do." They want to be officially single so when the next person they find attractive passes by, they have no regrets about approaching them. Hey, to each his own but dating can be a great experience if you get the right person.

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