Shortie Says!

Dear Shortie,
I’ve heard that eating dinner late at night isn’t good for you because you aren’t moving around to burn off the calories. Is this true?
-Midnight meal

Dear Midnight meal,
A calorie is a calorie no matter what time it is consumed. Excess calories will be stored as fat regardless as to what time they were consumed. However, eating later at night can cause weight gain for reasons other than just the time. People who wait to eat later may be hungrier and eat larger portions than they should. Someone who eats later might find it easier to grab a burger rather than steamed vegetables. Some people who are eating late at night aren’t eating meals but are snacking on things like popcorn and ice cream. Eating late at night won’t cause you to gain weight, but making unhealthy decisions will.

Dear Shortie,
My boyfriend wants me to give him oral sex while driving. I don’t think it is a good idea, but he says it is no big deal. What’s the real deal?
-Zipped Lips

Dear Zipped Lips,
Driving while receiving oral sex or giving the driver of the vehicle oral sex is not recommended. Some people’s eyes clamp shut at the time of orgasm. Others have body spasms. Driving a vehicle in this condition is not safe. A safer alternative would be to pull over when someone can’t resist their partner. A second reason to avoid oral sex while driving is the law. Although N.Y. doesn’t have a law that outright says oral sex while driving is illegal, if someone were to get into a car accident because they were participating in oral sex it would be criminal negligence. Having sex in public is also illegal in N.Y., and even though someone is in their vehicle, it’s on a public road. If an officer were to catch a couple in the act they could be charged with public indecency.

Dear Shortie,
Can a woman get pregnant from a man’s pre-cum?
-Praying I’m Not Pregnant

Dear Praying I’m Not Pregnant,
First let me define pre-cum. Pre-ejaculatory fluid is a slick, clear fluid that drips out of the penis when a man is sexually excited. This fluid helps neutralize the acidity of the urethra, protecting the sperm. Pre-ejaculatory fluid itself does not contain sperm. However, if a man has recently ejaculated, the sperm from this ejaculate could be picked up by the pre-ejaculatory fluid and get a woman pregnant. Although the chances are low, pre-ejaculatory fluid can get a woman pregnant.

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