She Said – 10/23/09

We all have heard about this double standard. Guys are considered cooler if they hook up with more girls and girls are thought to be well, sluts. So why is this double standard acceptable in our society? Personally, I think that it is because since it is more of a challenge for a guy to get a girl to sleep with him, it’s almost like he’s won at some game where he has outwitted the girl. The girl on the other hand, has this power over a guy. Often women are thought of as using sex as a weapon to get what she wants. Once she gives up sex, she does not seem to have as much power. Even though this double standard is still perpetuated in our society, I think that it has weakened over time.

I know that some guys like to bash feminist movements, but maybe they should thank them because a lot of what they did helped to liberate female sexuality. We as women should not feel ashamed of pursuing something that our bodies only feel as natural. If you’re attracted to a guy, and you honestly feel like you won’t regret it; you shouldn’t have to worry about what people will think of you after you sleep with him. But, I think this is where the line is grayly drawn. Since women now have become more liberated with their sexuality, the question comes in on whether or not we are too liberated with it. Are you a Samantha, a Charlotte, or right in between? I think that either way, a mature adult, whether male or female, should be able to decide for themselves if they want to have sex with someone. They should not have to worry about what society labels them.

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