Obama deserves Nobel Prize despite limited time in office

Many, if not most Americans seem to be displeased about President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s not only the conservatives who are upset about this, but even liberals are of the same opinion, if not on a mildly calmer note. They simply believe that Obama has not earned this fundamental trophy in his short amount of time in office and that his policies have so far proved either "unsuccessful" or lack efficient results. My roommate expressed to me his displeasure in the matter by telling me that presidents "shouldn’t be getting a million dollar prize" for their efforts.

I understand these views. Obama has only been in office for a short time and so far his policies have yet to bloom. Technically, his credibility is not enough to award him anything. Yet Obama still won the most renowned award in the world and he won it for a reason, whether we decide to pat him on the back for it or not. According to the chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize committee, Obama’s efforts in reaching out to the Muslim world by pushing for peace in the Middle East and re-establishing its ties with the Western world have been "extraordinary," which in turn has only heightened his inspiration to people worldwide.

Obama has been a global inspiration since he began his race for presidency. People all over the world praise him for his achievements because he has shown the world that America is ready to open up to new ideas and enhance cooperation with the rest of the world. His vibrant attitude and sense of ideals are a relief compared to the terrible eight years we had with former President George W. Bush, who practically made America the laughing stock of the world.

My cousin, who is currently studying abroad in France, gave me some insight into the lens of foreigners and how they view Obama. She explained to me how many of them "love" Obama, because he represents "hope" and "peace." She also told me how her French teacher almost put her in tears after telling her about how, "[Obama] showed the whole world that hope and peace are possible and that he gave America a clean slate. He’s making America a better, more credible country and as someone from France, I find it incredible how only 40-45 years ago the U.S. had such terrible injustices with racism and now Obama is the president."

For a man to instill such inspiration around the world and to renew a country’s reputation is an incredible feat. No longer will Americans go abroad and be laughed at or mocked by foreign nations; for America has regained its reverence in the world. We are one step closer to world peace; the Nobel Committee is simply acknowledging that by awarding the prize to Obama. You cannot deny the impact he has had on the world. The sheer irony of it all is that Obama has inspired the world more than he has inspired his own country. America remains critical while the world remains hopeful.

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