Co-ed living too advanced for college students

So The Village will be co-ed. It’s official. Students are already wondering if they’ll be able to live with the opposite sex as they would in an off-campus housing arrangement. It certainly brings up some interesting scenarios.

The obvious is the boyfriend/girlfriend living in the same suite, which after an always epic break-up, turns an apartment upside down. Res. Life seems prepared for those scenarios, but you might as well get the cameras rolling and start filming a new reality series.

The less obvious is the so-called platonic living relationship that evaporates after the first shower mix-up.

Hasn’t "When Harry Met Sally" taught us anything about co-ed platonic friends? It rarely, if ever works. Way to go, Einstein. Look what you get for battling the inevitable. One thing is for certain, The Village will spawn as many relationships as it will end.

Here’s an example we all can relate to: Guy likes girl, girl likes guy. Guy and girl refrain from any type of physical activity as not to spoil the good thing they have going. Perfectly fine, perfectly understandable. Here’s the important element that’s not included in that formula that preserves that relationship: they’re not living together.

Isn’t moving in together usually the determining step in a relationship? Doesn’t that signify two people are serious?

If anyone honestly thinks that they can live with someone and not be sexually enticed by them in any way, shape or form, they’re having a big glass of denial for breakfast every morning. "Oh, but she has a boyfriend…" Yeah, and then she comes home after a night of drinking and venting with her friends and comes home to a "nice guy."

Do yourself a favor and buy a chastity belt before you move in. You’ll thank us later.

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