Universal health care third tier in government control

The health care debate continues as Obama and his administration are hell bent on taking over our medical system. They will not stop until there is socialized medicine in this country, regardless if the majority of Americans are against it-as seen in the polls, by the outrage shown in town hall meetings and protest rallies. There is good reason to be.

The so-called "public option" that the left is crying for does not serve the purpose that the Obama administration claims. There is no option. You will be forced to purchase health insurance or risk hefty fines or imprisonment. Their goal is to have it evolve into a single payer system. This "public option" or "co-op," no matter what they decide to call it, is still universal, socialized medicine.

Many don’t see the danger in such a system. They cite other countries who manage to have this system and think we should also. It may work for those who are healthy, but socialized medicine becomes a nightmare for those who have a disease or become ill. Long waiting times to see a specialist has caused those with money to come to the U.S. for treatment. Those who are poor are not so lucky; many die waiting to receive treatment.

How do you suppose the government plans on paying for this care? According to Obama, the money recovered from fraud in the government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, and fines from those who do not comply with the mandates and taxes on those who choose to keep their health insurance. He claims it will be deficit neutral. I’d like to know what he’s smoking.

Pelosi has mentioned that a "value" tax will be implemented. It will be anywhere from five percent on up and is on top of the sales tax, separate from income tax. The Heritage Foundation estimates that at 20 percent, the tax would cost every U.S. household an additional $10,680 annually. The American people cannot possibly afford to pay for the health care plan they are proposing along with the heavy burden we are already shouldering. It will financially wipe out a majority of the population. Unemployment is hitting the double digit mark and we’re told it will get worse. Do you really think you will be better off under this health care plan?

It’s obvious this is not about insuring those without insurance or improving your health care, it’s about control. First, they took over the banking industry, then the auto industry and soon it will be the health care industry. If they can control your access to medical care, they can control how you live your life. They have already started with their frivolous laws and imposing high taxes in order to modify behavior. It is the rise of the "Nannie State."

If we continue on this path, the next step is communism. The left knows this. That’s why they are trying to ram it through. The Democrats have said that they will utilize the nuclear option to pass this bill. Are you willing to give up what freedoms you have left to insure those who are illegal or choose not to get insurance? Universal health care is not free and will not provide healthcare for those who really need it.

Reform is the answer. Start with eliminating the ambulance chasers, class action suits and lobbyists. Open clinics with flat fees. Allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. Reform can be accomplished with some good old common sense. Just remember, it’s not about health care folks, it’s about power.

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