Maloney to reimburse S.A. for charges

Criminal charges will not be pursued against a former WNYO sports director who racked up over $460 in unapproved charges on a Student Association credit card.

Ryan Maloney, 26, used an S.A. gas card to during the months of June and July 2009 to purchase gas and other items while no longer serving as a member of WNYO or S.A.

Currently, all criminal charges have been dropped against Maloney and the case has been classified as a civil matter.

Maloney has agreed to repay the full amount spent during the summer, S.A. President Christina Ballesteros said. Maloney has already sent a check partially reimbursing SA for $172.34.

For the duration of his fall 2008/spring 2009 term as WNYO sports director, Maloney was not registered as a student at Oswego State, Director of Public Affairs Julie Blissert confirmed. Maloney’s last registered semester was spring 2008. Maloney also served as an assistant to the Oswego State sports information department during that time frame. That position, however, does not require the employee be a student, Blissert said.

S.A. Chief Justice Scott Silver would not confirm or deny that Maloney was a member of SA while not being a student. Currently, S.A. cannot legally check on the registration status of student organization members.

Even if S.A. was able to check on Maloney’s status at the time of his hiring at WNYO, his record would have come up clean, since we was registered in spring 2008.

Silver noted that S.A. does not plan on pursuing the case further.

"We are comfortable with the resolution at this time," Silver said. "We won’t be involved from her on out, if there is much process."

Any further action against Maloney would have to be taken by judicial or student affairs, however, Dean of Student Affairs James Scharfenberger said his office would not be following the matter.

"We don’t want to take [Maloney] down," Ballesteros said. "But we would like our money back."

When reached by phone, Maloney had no comment on the matter.

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