Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:
This semester we have had the privilege of doing two work orders for SAVAC. We just felt compelled to write this so that these men and women would get the recognition that they so well deserve. We have never had a customer more appreciative in the work that we did for them, than we had from the members of SAVAC. I cannot tell you how many "thank yous" we were told by them as we painted their living quarters in Moreland Hall. On the second day of doing the first work order in their living room, they even made us a pan of brownies to show us how much they welcomed the new paint job. They would continue to stop by as we were working, asking us if we needed anything, offering us drinks or food throughout the day.

These fine young men and women do what they do on a volunteer basis and we just wanted to say ‘thank you.’ Many times they go that extra step to help all of us on the campus make it a better and safer place, and for that, it is hats-off to them.

We hope all of you at SAVAC know how much we appreciated your hospitality and your many kind words. We count ourselves fortunate to have your group part of this campus.

The Housing Painters

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