Buble goes love crazy

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé is wooing the world again with his fourth studio album, "Crazy Love." The album continues Bublé’s hit formula of vocal standards and producing them for a modern audience while remaining true to the essence of the music.

When Bublé came onto the music scene in 2003 with his self-titled first album, many thought he was a one-album wonder. Yet he proved many wrong with the success of his later, Grammy-award winning albums: "It’s Time" in 2005 and "Call Me Irresponsible" in 2007.

The first single from the album, the original "Haven’t Met You Yet," is a cheery, toe-tapping song that has an interesting twist on the classic love song. The song could easily follow the same success that Bublé’s other original songs, "Home" off of the "It’s Time" album and "Everything" off of the "Call Me Irresponsible" album, had on radio. "Crazy Love" also features another original song, written by Bublé, "Hold On," a ballad about being strong through tough times.

Yet what Bublé is most famous for is his covers, a he offers a fresh crop on "Crazy Love," ranging from classic jazz numbers to the rock legends, the Eagles. All of the covers on the album are solid tracks, yet there are some that stand out. "Cry Me a River," originally published in 1953, is a dramatic introduction into the album, which serve as a great way to grab the listener. Bublé also does an up-beat, fun version of the Eagles’ hit, "Heartache Tonight."

Other highlights include versions of "Georgia on my Mind," which was made famous by the late Ray Charles, and the title track, made famous by Van Morrison. Bublé’s rendition of "Georgia on my Mind" does not flourish on the notable tune, which is appreciated. However he does leave his own stamp on the tune. As for "Crazy Love," it’s a nice, easy-going version that leaves the listener humming the tune afterward.

Overall, Bublé’s "Crazy Love" will leave his fans happy and may be able to reach out to new fans with his smooth voice and great songs.

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