Supporting Equality

As many already know October 11th will mark the twenty-first anniversary of National Coming Out Day. In honor of this day, Oswego State’s Rainbow Alliance is distributing T-shirts to all students who want to show their support. The shirts will display the words "out and proud" or "I support equality." The Rainbow Alliance’s efforts aim at raising awareness about homosexuality and involving the whole school in their cause. This is a major step toward ending homophobia in an age where discrimination is everywhere.

For example, whether you are at school, on a bus, or even in your dorm room, you are bound to hear someone say, "That’s so gay!" or "Dude, stop being a queer!" These phrases are commonplace in our society. But has anyone actually stopped to think about what they’re saying? Not only are these phrases insulting, but they also create a negative view of homosexuality.

Aren’t we taught since grade school that there is nothing wrong with being different? They instill into our heads the idea that it is wrong to leave people out and that it is wrong not to share our crayons with Jimmy cause his clothes are different than ours. How is being gay any different?

Homosexuality is not a flaw or a disease. On the contrary, it is something to take pride in. You’ll see me wearing an "I support equality" shirt because this is a cause I strongly believe in. The Rainbow Alliance is trying to bring people together and show that it is okay to be "out and proud" and that it is okay to support those who are. Don’t be afraid to show your support!

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