She Said – 10/9/09

Being on a break can mean two very different things to guys and girls, just ask Ross and Rachel. Either way, being told that your guy wants a break can be tough. If you’ve been having some difficulties lately, like you’ve been fighting more or you think he may be feeling some other girl, then he may be using this break to sort through his feelings. Or he could be doing it because he is too cowardly to break up with you and be seen as the "bad guy."

So, what should you do during a break? A break is a good time to reflect on your relationship and rediscover who you are. We lose ourselves when we’re in a relationship, so maybe your guy feels like he’s lost touch with himself. While on a break, I think you should hang out with your friends, pick up old hobbies that you might have dropped and take some time to think about your relationship. Why has it gotten to a point where a break was needed?

Relationships are a lot of work and the phrase, "if it’s meant to be, it will be" can really be a bunch of bull. I prefer the phrase, "anything worth having is worth fighting for," but that’s only if you both want to fight for it.

Guys, being on a break does not allow you to go have sex with other girls. That’s after a break-up, not a break; it’s not the same. Girls, you know there are some of you who go on a break and think that it’s fine to hook up with other guys. Stop and think about the consequences.

Whether you ultimately decide to stay together is up to both of you, and sometimes the break can be a good thing. If you really care about each other, try to overlook it and think of it as a hurdle that you both were able to overcome together.

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