Enjoy the Little Things” in Zombieland”


While there have been many movies about zombies, "Zombieland" provides a fresh take on the subject. Taking place in the "zombie apocalypse," four survivors must work together to survive and accomplish their separate goals. The members of the foursome are referred to by their hometown or hopeful destination.

There’s Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg, "Adventureland"), Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson, "Semi-Pro"), Wichita (Emma Stone, "Superbad") and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin, "Little Miss Sunshine"). Columbus meets Tallahassee by chance on the road and the pair then discover the girls in a grocery store. Throughout the way, the girls trick the guys and take their vehicles and weapons, until they can finally be trusted.

Considered a comedic horror film, "Zombieland" has plenty of laughs as well as gore. Most notable are the slow-motion stylized zombie kills where blood and brains go flying everywhere.

One of the elements used in the movie is Columbus’ "list." Comprised of a number of different rules, such as number 31, "check the back seat," they appear on-screen in a variety of situations when they should be used. Other little things such as Columbus’ intense fear of clowns, Tallahassee’s drug-like need for Twinkies, and sisters Wichita and Little Rock’s con schemes stand out. There is nothing mind-blowing but what is there works well to entertain viewers.

"Zombieland," like other zombie movies, has lots of gun-slinging action. Everything from standard pistols to large caliber automatics are used by the group but some of the most interesting moments are Little Rock’s shotgun scenes and Tallahassee’s finesse at zombie killing.

These skills all come together in the final showdown at "Pacific Playland," an amusement park the four travel to, which is supposedly zombie free. There are some surprises in the park and some creative zombie kills, but the outcome is a bit cliché. Overall, "Zombieland" is a fun time for comedy and horror fans alike and is a must see for zombie enthusiasts.

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