She Said – 9/25/2009

Your guy cheated on you and you’re left in confusion and bewilderment. While my counterpart here might argue that it was because he wasn’t watching enough porn and fell "victim to infidelity," there are several other reasons why your boyfriend may have slipped up. Many girls might say that you should breakup with him without a second thought, but as we all know, none of us are perfect. I think the circumstances that fall behind why your guy cheated should ultimately be the most important thing you think about when you decide whether to make up or breakup.

Did your guy cheat on you with an ex? If so, chances are that he’s still into her and not ready to be with you. Not to mention cheating with an ex probably means the sex was more than just physical, which would make it more hurtful in the end.

Was it a drunken mistake? Decisions made under the influence, while not excusable, are different from those made sober. If you do decide to forgive your guy for cheating on you when he was under the influence, I would strongly recommend telling them one of the conditions of your forgiveness is to slow down on the alcohol and maybe get some help.

How long have you two been dating? If you’ve been together a pretty long time, then you’ve most likely developed a really tight bond that cheating can severely damage. However, if it’s a relatively new relationship, then there’s time to see if it was really just a one-time mistake, or if your guy is just a sleaze ball.

All of these circumstances are important when deciding whether or not to break it off with your man forever, or decide to give him another chance. Forgiving someone for cheating on you is a really tough decision and so is breaking up with that person. Relationships are like tests, make your choice wisely.

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