Obama denying ACORN ties? He’s nuts

There is an old saying that the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. What a fitting cliché to describe the deception that President Obama and his minions are trying to keep buried from the American people about the relationship between ACORN and our President.

Recently a huge scandal surfaced involving the nonprofit group ACORN. What started out to be as James O’Keefe explains, a silly idea, what Hannah Giles had pitched to him as an outrageous investigative journalism project was anything but silly. They never thought that it would expose corruption involving billions of dollars, not to mention, containing all the elements of a blockbuster movie. It went down like this.

Giles, a 20-year-old journalism major and James, a 25-year-old film-maker, dressed in the most stereotypical costumes posing as a pimp and a prostitute and went into ACORN offices to ask for a loan. O’Keefe had a hidden camera which recorded the entire interview. They told the ACORN workers that they wanted to buy a house to set up a brothel. Not only did they get assistance on a mortgage but got a lesson in tax evasion. When the couple went on to say that they wanted to traffic underage girls from Ecuador for sex, the ACORN workers had no problem giving advice on how to not get caught. It is amazing, to say the least. It would be one thing if it happened at only one ACORN office but they received the same support at different offices in different states. The film was first brought to Brietbart.com and forwarded to Fox. It took over a week before the mainstream media would even mention this story. ACORN went as far as to start court proceeding to sue the two kids and Fox. How is this related to Obama you ask?

It was during his media marathon where he hit all networks except Fox that only one had the guts to ask Obama about the ACORN scandal. ABC’s Stephanopoulos asked Obama what he thought about Congress retracting ACORNs funding. His answer is not just untruthful, but it is his arrogance that makes one cringe. Obama said he wasn’t aware that ACORN receives federal funding; that he had more important issues on his plate. I don’t know about you but it’s good to see the stimulus funds and our tax dollars put to good use. On a side note, despite the fact that ACORN is riddled with corruption, they are; however, non-discriminating.

Obama has a long history with ACORN, not to mention his teams paid with campaign funds to have ACORN register voters. They had come under scrutiny for voter registration fraud. We all know that Mickey Mouse would never register as a democrat everyone knows he’s a republican. Then there was the footage of ACORN members in what they called "civil disobedience," most of us would call it "breaking and entering," who took over the foreclosed homes. Then you can’t forget tax evasion and intimidation, not to mention loan fraud.

Obama worked for ACORN as a lawyer, trained high management, and most recently had a branch of ACORN named the Apollo Project write the stimulus package. He cannot deny his ties. Let’s put it this way: Obama and ACORN are from the same tree.

So why is this all relevant? If the president deliberately lied about the connection what else is he lying about? How can we trust him in making decisions for our welfare?

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