He Said – 9/25/2009

Ok, let me be completely honest here: if I found my girlfriend cheating on me, my first reaction would be to dump her on the spot, no questions asked! I don’t care how much she apologizes, either. And it’s not because I don’t care about her, but because my pride is just too big to handle something like that. All that I would be thinking about is how I got played. I don’t care what the excuse is, when it comes down to the bare bones of it all, when your girl cheats on you, you got played. You might as well just forget about the excuses she’s going to dish out. I know I wouldn’t want to listen to them. I also know I’m not the only guy out there who thinks this way. So just admit it, you’d probably dump her to.

But for arguments’ sake, let’s stop and rewind for a minute. There are two sides to every coin, so there has to be a flip-side to this dilemma too.

We make rash decisions when we are hurt or upset, which isn’t good for anyone involved. So both parties should take some time to cool off before a decision about where the relationship is going takes place. Ask her why she did it. No, her answer isn’t going to make the situation better and no, it doesn’t make her actions right, but at least you can get a remote idea of what was going through her head when she decided to cheat. If you believe that she is genuinely sorry, maybe you should give it another shot; but explain to her that this is it, this is her last chance because you will not be played again.

No matter what, make sure the decision at the end of the day is yours. Amid all the mind games, all the drama that girls bring and all the relationship do’s and do not’s, it’s up to you whether you’re going to keep your girlfriend around or cut her loose. Sometimes you have to make the decision to work hard at something and sometimes you just have to let the pieces fall where they may.

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