A sock on the door just won’t cut it anymore

It’s a late night and you’re going back to your dorm room for some rest. The key clicks in the door and you throw it open and turn on the light. Surprise! You hear a loud gasp and a girl and your roommate are staring at you. This would be fine if they weren’t both naked.

When it comes to college, this is a problem that plagues every student. What do I do when it comes to sex in the dorm room, and what do I do when I walk in on an unsuspecting roommate? If you’re a jerk, you could just lay on your bed, smile and say continue, but you can’t all be me.

You have to set some type of guidelines with your roommate. When your significant other is coming over, tell your roommate in advance. We all know you don’t want to be caught with your pants down, literally. It is very important to have a set of rules when "entertaining" your guest. First off, call your roommate; if they don’t answer, leave a message or send a text. You can even get a little creative and send out a homing pigeon. Although, this may not matter if everyone in the residence hall can hear how much you love God. Most importantly, lock the door!

On the other side of the door, if this happens to you as the roommate, try and handle it in a mature manner. The people caught are embarrassed enough and they don’t need rude comments or a big scene for the floor to hear. There’s too much: "Dude she was hot," as she walks out the door hiding her face for spectators in the hallway. Keep it civilized and if anything, be nice and let them finish.

Sex in the dorm rooms is a fragile subject since it is so easy to get caught with another person having the key to your room. However, it can be avoided. Treat the situation with care. Caress it, pamper it, but wrap it up. The best sex is safe sex.

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