Hart Hall to debut wireless internet

Students in Hart Hall will be the first on campus to experience the newly launched wireless Internet access in dorms, due later in the fall semester. According to Computer Technology Services (CTS) representitive Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, Hart residents should expect wireless access to be available by December 7. Johnson-Neuland also divulged that the wireless computing network equipment for Hart Hall cost the university approximately $200,000, with another $40,000 for installation.

"Primarily, this upgrade will make it more convenient for students," CTS Chief Joseph Moreau said, giving students the "mobility" they need. Meanwhile, the response from students in Hart was that of excitement and anticipation. "I just hope we get it," Hart Hall resident Jessica Tetro, said. "Over the summer we were promised it by August and we haven’t got it yet."

Hart Hall resident Lynnet Rich said that having wireless access would "make things easier. I wouldn’t have to find an outlet every two seconds." CTS conducted a wireless survey last year in four residence halls to determine how best to provide wireless coverage. The survey resulted in the decision to install eight access points on each floor of Hart Hall to provide a quality signal to each individual resident.

Johnson and Riggs will be the next halls to receive wireless access with the configuration slated to begin over winter break. Moreau says that Hart, Johnson and Riggs were chosen to be first as a result of the refurbishments over the last several years which established improved network infrastructure in these three buildings.

Hart Hall was chosen as the first hall to receive wireless access because it was the least used Hall over the summer, allowing Campus Technology Services to work without disrupting anyone.

Hart Hall Director Nina Monte said that this upgrade is "fantastic" and that Hart Hall has had "issues with Ethernet cables" in the past, sometimes with it taking a week or so for residents to connect to the internet.

Monte said that this upgrade will benefit Hart Hall residents as students "can congregate in the lobby for study sessions without having to worry about cables."

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