First on-campus swine flu case reported by Johnson Hall student

A student in Johnson Hall has reported to have contracted the swine flu, the first reported case on campus.

The women, who chose to remain anonymous, contracted the virus early this week and left campus to recover at home. She has now returned to her residence.

"I’m better," she reported. "I was down for three days, it wiped out my energy."

The woman went to Mary Walker Health Center early this week and was then advised that she might have swine flu, formally known as H1N1. She then went home to seek treatment.

Jean Grant, head of Walker Health Center, could not confirm any cases of swine flu to hit Oswego State. Cases can only be confirmed if a student is hospitalized, which no student has been, Grant said.

"We are seeing a number of students with flu-like symptoms," Grant admitted.

While the potential of a campus-wide outbreak is still uncertain, the fact that Oswego State has no designated place to isolate ill students on campus is already putting the college behind the ball in regard to its prevention policies, Grant said.

"We don’t have any isolation techniques here. We don’t have any extra dorms where we can house sick students. Our best bet is for students to go home until their fever is completely gone," she said.

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