Complaint filed against former ‘voice of the Lakers’

A complaint has been filed against the former "voice of the Lakers" for allegedly taking a Student Association gas card and using it for unauthorized purchases.

University Police have begun an investigation centered around former Oswego State student Ryan Maloney, 26, after Student Association credit card receipts revealed a list of suspicious purchases occurring over the summer break while in his possession.

Maloney, known for his role announcing Laker men’s ice hockey games, worked as sports director for the Oswego State radio station WNYO. Police are also investigating allegations that Maloney was not enrolled as

a student while serving out his duties at WNYO. According to S.A. President Chrissy Ballesteros, SA.. first found out in July after receiving financial statements that showed a number of unauthorized withdrawals from one of the S.A. credit cards, used to help various student organizations pay for gas on commutes and trips.

An investigation revealed that the last person to sign out the card was Maloney, who never returned the card despite numerous attempts from members of S.A. to reclaim the card before the end of the school year.

"We sent out the letter asking for the reimbursement and told him we would be taking legal action if we didn’t hear anything," Ballesteros said. "We haven’t heard anything in close to a month."

The card had originally been signed out in April, Ballesteros said, and somehow was not reported to be missing until July.

"I’m in shock," Ballesteros said. "I don’t know how no one caught it."

The card was originally signed out for Maloney to use on gas for a trip to an away sporting event during the previous school year, WNYO General Manager Justin Laird said, and despite reminders from staff and S.A. the card was never returned before school let out.

"Maloney had been told by several people that he had to return it, and he just hadn’t," Laird said. "He had mentioned that it had slipped his mind and that he would mail it back to S.A. Then I received several notices over the summer that it hadn’t been returned so I tried to get in contact with Ryan, but he didn’t return any phone calls."

The card had allegedly remained in Maloney’s possession until it was later mailed back to S.A. in July, almost three months after it was signed out.

The exact amount used on the card during that time period has not been disclosed. Assistant Police Chief John Rossi said he expects University Police to conclude their investigation by week’s end.

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