‘Ready,’ set, Songz

The Virginia based R&B singer, Tremaine Aldon Neverson, better known as "Trey Songz," proves he is a fan of sex and love on his junior R&B album entitled "Ready." Songz starts his album strong with melodic snippets of his "foe," R. Kelly, with his intro song, "Panty Droppin." At the end of "Panty Droppin" Songz notes he is "ready" (hence the title) and continues his erotic desire, especially with the songs "Neighbors Know My Name" and "I Invented Sex" (featuring Drake).

Songz begins to dig a little deeper into his emotions with songs like "One Love," where he devotes himself to his love and claims that "love is hard to find, but love one of a kind/ and I got mind, so if you got yours/ then you know what you’re livin’ for…you are all I need and I’ll never let go." He also uses catchy phrases that elevate his proclamation of love in the chorus of "Jupiter Love," proclaiming "Don’t be afraid to let me elevate you/ I wanna welcome you to Super Duper Jupiter Love." His radio single "LOL :-)" (featuring Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy) takes Songz creativity to a basic level that attracted kids and mature adults to say in instant messaging and texting "LOL :-)." In "I Need a Girl" Trey specifically went to attract the ladies and makes it clear what in wants in a girl. In "Successful" (featuring Drake), he points out all the material things that Songz wants from being successful and what he is willing to do to get to that point, an excellent for all college students who strive to be successful.
Trey briefly introduces us to "Black Roses," where he gives his last gift to his dying love and follows with the song "Lost Love," and questions, "what do you do when the love is gone?"

Songz concludes the album with an Usher’s "Confessions" based song format, building momentum with the interlude ("Hollalude") and transitioning into "Holla If Ya Need Me." Trey claims to his love that even through all the pain, struggle and tears "he and her" went through, "you can always holla if ya need me," and ends the album by stating how he misses his love when she is not on her side of the bed in "Yo Side of the Bed."
Overall, Trey Songz’s album "Ready" showcases a lot of maturity as a person and as an R&B artist. As his junior album, he has a lot of work he needs to do in order to build up his name in the R&B category while remaining relevant. Compared to his previous album, "Trey Day," "Ready" has a different flow and although the production isn’t the best, he maintains a good momentum.

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