He Said

Question: My girlfriend caught me watching porn. Did I do something wrong?

So, your girlfriend walked in on you "relieving some stress" and now she’s mad. Does she have reason to be? Well, in all honesty, no. This is what’s probably going through her head; she believes that watching other women on the Internet, etc. is a form of betrayal. She will start to question whether you believe she is pretty enough or for that matter, intimate enough. What you have to do is assure her that none of the things she is thinking are true. We as men are constantly thinking about sex. And why shouldn’t we be? Guys are projected with arousing images each and everyday. I am here to say that us guys do this so we don’t fall victim to infidelity. It’s true; each and every man does it, even those in relationships. It is not possible for us to abstain from doing it. So, if you by chance catch your guy "handling himself," cut him some slack. In the end, he’s not actually doing it with another girl.

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